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(717) 637-1990
497 Beck Rd
Gettysburg, PA 17325-7904

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(717) 637-1990

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I went to Hartlaub's today to get a pair of mirrors and a light for my truck. While there I also planned to see if they had an engine I needed and a cab for a friend's truck. Things did not go as planned. I started to grab a few tools so I could go inside and check-in. A man was standing near me giving me dirty looks. He finally asked what I was looking for. He advised me he was the owner and tools weren't permitted until after you've found your parts. I apologized and tried to explain I wasn't out to steal anything. He abruptly told me "I don't need your sh**, get the f*** out". I again apologized and tried to explain to him that his business isn't setup like any other "you pull it" places but he again told me to leave so I did as he asked an left. I drove 62 miles today to be cursed at, degraded and treated like a criminal.